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Big Changes

A major issue has come up due to changes in healthcare legislation and individual insurer reimbursement rates.

The medical supply companies who process the claims are getting lower reimbursement rates and sometimes making less than it costs them. This is why an increasing number of medical supply companies are going to not doing insurance claims at all and only selling retail.

This is a rotten development for people who need medical insurance to cover a weighted blanket.

So, this changes what we do in helping people to get them covered—we will no longer be doing it because our staff cost has gone sky high trying to get claims covered as a result of the new reimbursement rules. We feel terribly about not being able to help, but we must.

What I can do is talk with you over the phone on how to talk with medical supply companies. Almost all have never heard of a weighted blanket, don’t know the billing code, and more.

Feel free to contact me at 763-533-6125.

~Eileen Parker Owner