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High-Quality Weighted Blankets for Sleep and Relaxation

Home Use (pictured) and
Hospital Weighted Blankets.

For Shannan in North Carolina, an 18 lb twin size weighted blanket was the solution for her insomnia:

"Eileen, I meant to send this a while ago, but thank you so much for the blanket! It has helped with my insomnia more than I ever imagined. I'm no longer tossing and turning at night, waking up countless times, or having trouble getting to sleep. Even when I only have time for a few hours or even a nap, I feel so refreshed afterwards. Now I found a new problem though-I never want to get out of bed in the morning!!
Thanks again, Shannan"

What is a weighted blanket?

The Cozy Calm weighted blanket is made of two layers: an inner liner that holds medical-grade plastic beads sewn at intervals so they don't move around; and an outer covering attached to the liner.

Hospitals use Weighted Blankets

Hospitals use our hospital-grade weighted blankets to help patients feel calm and to sleep better.

Weighted Blanket Helpful FAQ

Julie McMonigal, from Minnesota wrote,

"The blankets the kids had before were weighted with un-popped popcorn and I washed it and it got moldy and lumpy.

The blanket from Cozy Calm is impossible to get off my son. He refuses to even share with his sister he loves it so much. He also brings it every where! On our long drives to my sister's or just running errands. No matter how hot it is.

Also, my friend was taking a nap on my couch one afternoon and I had the a/c on full blast so figuring he was cold I put the blanket on him and when he woke up he said "oh man that was the best nap I've ever had". He was very impressed with the blanket as well."

Weighted Blankets EileenThe Cozy Calm weighted blanket was designed by Eileen Parker, a woman with autism. She designed it to meet her unique sensory needs for a blanket that is super soft. Her approach toward business is to offer a weighted blanket that is the highest quality possible. Enjoy the relaxation!